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The Nirma Story

The distributors have a false psychological feeling that they are overstocking a particular brand or package of producer. It extends product life-cycle: Product differentiation is the hall-mark of these days of keen competition.

This information need not be in verbose form. By very nature, every packaging is designed to protect the contents of it against the natural and artificial factors of damage such as dust, dirt, watering, evaporation, contamination, shrinkage, thickening, leakage, spilling, pilferage, theft, fire, flood and so on.

Under this method clear distinction is drawn between subjective and objective attributes. A weighted total of these parameters will be the measure of brand equity.

Product Mix and Product Line Decisions

Thus, any refrigerator company giving five or seven year warranty or guarantee for its heart the compressor is doing so only with stabilized electric power and not otherwise. The company launched toilet soaps for the premium segment. The company had multi-locational manufacturing facilities, and a broad product portfolio under an umbrella brand -Nirma.

While selecting a brand name attention must be paid to the following: This packing gives protection to goods, for example, corrugated boxes used to shift Ruffle Lays, Kurkure, etc. Good packaging does this in greater degree. Products like television or other appliances need to be protected from damage in transit so they are packed in big board cartons etc.

Distinct market vision and robust infrastructure allowed Nirma to have cost leadership. The primary objective of packaging is protection of products or contents.

The intrinsic values or qualities of the products are to be maintained intact. The self services outlets are becoming very popular. Labelling the act of attaching or tagging labels.

He has been bestowed with various awards like…. In this situation, companies operating at low-end may opt to enter high-end because of better opportunities as a result of faster market growth, or the need to create an image of the full line company.

Product Mix of Johnson & Johnson Paper

The major problem with this method is that the scores should be valid. A brand is the identification of a product. It is powerful weapon to avoid shop-lifting, stealing in shops. As so many areas of the organisation are involved in the packaging decisions, all those people representing these areas should come together in the form of a committee.

Qualities Features of a Good Brand Name: That is why; druggists and chemists are having qualified pharmacists in the pharmacies. For instance, in case of Zodiac Company, one might like say, tie and kerchief but not other products.

Instalment and hire-purchase schemes are quite common these days. The company's mission to provide, "Better Products, Better Value, Better Living" contributed a great deal to its success. Taking overall brand level, there is preference for one brand or the other. They increase consumer convenience to a great extent.

Nirma Limited - A name trusted in every household across India with decades of experience, Nirma offers quality products ranging from cosmetics, soaps, detergents and salt that fit into life, making it simple and effortless. Nirma literally captured the market share by offering value-based marketing mix of four P’s, i.e.

a perfect match of product, price, place and promotion. Now, the year sees Nirma’s annual sales touchtones, making it one of the largest volume sales with a single brand name in the world. But very soon, Nirma's success in the detergents market convinced HLL that it really needed to take a closer look at the low-income market.

Starting as a one-product one-man outfit inNirma became a Rs 17 billion company within three decades. The Marketing mix of Hindustan Unilever or HUL analyses one of the biggest FMCG brands in the market, and in reality an umbrella Brand company.

3 Most Important Components of Product Mix | Business Marketing

Hindustan Unilever is one of the biggest fast moving companies of consumer goods with at least two-thirds of the population using its products. Aug 28,  · Often referred to as the 4 P's, the marketing mix is a collection of four areas that marketers need to consider when selling products and services.

Nirma has manufacturing facilities at 6 places in India 6.

Nirma Ltd SWOT Analysis, Competitors & USP

It has undertaken backward integration into manufacture of Industrial Products like Soda Ash, Fatty Acid, Glycerine, Sulphuric Acid etc.

Product mix of nirma
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