An analysis of robb whites deathwatch

Ben is lucky to find a slingshot and a dozen or so lead shot hidden in the camp With his feet badly cut and in dire need of water Ben scales an improbable butte without any climbing gear but is spotted by the hunter.

Madec tells Ben that he cannot risk going to jail and if Ben insists on going back to town he will tell the sheriff that Ben killed the old man. Ben is finally free of Madec and his lies.

Madec then forces Ben at gunpoint to strip naked. However, when the executive accidentally shoots and kills an unknown prospector, he turns on Ben in fear that Ben will testify against him in court.

Once Madec has scaled most of the way up the wall of the rock, Ben attempts to leave in the jeep but the rotor has been removed. Ben has no choice. Deathwatch is the award-winning novel by Robb White. Ben agrees, thinking of what he could do with the promised money, but promising himself he will not take Madec where he will find more sheep.

His plan involves coming down at night and burying himself in the sand near the camp using the tubes of his slingshot to breathe and listen for movement. So they get in a Debate. However, Ben finds enough water to survive, and also finds a wrist-brace slingshot and some buckshot that had belonged to the prospector.

Deathwatch is a novel filled with suspense that will leave the reader on the edge of their seat until the final chapter.

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Madec is arrogant, insistent, and cleverly persuasive that Ben not report an "accidental" shooting of an aged, unkempt prospector who wandered alone in the desert until Madec shot him, supposedly mistaking the prospector for a bighorn.

Ben, who has seen blood on the rocks, does not believe Madec and goes in search of the animal anyway. Ben must take the fight to Madec or be hunted like an animal in a tree.

Then Ben realizes that Madec has found him and is attempting to climb the butte.

Deathwatch Characters

Finaly Madec holding a powerful sniper rifle in his hands, gives him two choices. He practices with the slingshot, then uses it to overcome and capture Madec. This section contains words approx.

Ben is quietly unhappy to be spending the next few days with Madec, an executive who hopes to bag a perfect bighorn sheep. Ben walks all night and climbs through the morning, finally making it up the butte and finding water.

Deathwatch Book Summary and Study Guide

Plot[ edit ] The story begins with successful Los Angeles businessman and hunter named Madec, who hires Ben, a college student, to help him find bighorn sheep in the nearby Mojave Desert after receiving a rare permit to hunt them.

Madec checks out his kill and then comes running back, assuring Ben that he missed. Desert-savvy Ben, though stripped by Madec of anything useful, attempts to survive while Madec harrasses, wounds, and outsmarts Ben time and time again.

Instead of an animal, Ben discovers that Madec has shot an old prospector. This leaves Ben desperate and only hours from death. Madec is certain Ben cannot survive, as they are in a hot desert 45 miles from the nearest highway, but just to make sure, he watches Ben from a distance, using the scope on his rifle.

Ben strips and runs off at gunpoint. Ben then double backs and waits for Madec to leave the area, hoping to take the boots and clothing from the old prospector.

Things take a deadly turn when Madec accidentally shoots an old prospector. Ben knows the area well having grown up locally with his uncle learning to hunt and camp in the wilderness.

Three days into the trip, Ben takes Madec into the mountains where they find a herd of sheep. Madec takes aim, but Ben warns him to wait until he sees the horns.

The review of this Book prepared by william Turanski Madec and Ben are hunting bighorn sheep in the California desert. Ben is able to locate a cache of dirty water and shoot birds for food. He sets fire to the tent to attract attention to the camp but to distract Madec.

Ben is a young college student who agrees to act as a guide for a rich executive who has been given the opportunity to hunt bighorn sheep. No longer willing to let nature take its course Madec shoots Ben in the arm, intending to kill him.

Deathwatch Summary & Study Guide

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Start studying Deathwatch Characters. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Deathwatch Summary & Study Guide Robb White This Study Guide consists of approximately 20 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of Deathwatch.

In Robb White's novel, Deathwatch, the author develops a theme of survival through the character of Ben. By examining Ben's actions, we can learn how people use instinct and creativity to survive in severe situations.

Deathwatch is an American novel written by Robb White. The book was awarded the Edgar Award for Best Juvenile Mystery from the Mystery Writers of America. Its plot features a skilled and successful hunter and lawyer, Madec, who receives a rare permit to shoot bighorn sheep in California's Mojave Desert for seven days.

He hires a timid. Deathwatch Book Summary and Study Guide. Robb White Booklist Robb White Message Board. Chapter Analysis of Deathwatch; Click on a plot link to find similar books!

Plot & Themes Robb White Books Note: the views expressed here are only those of the reviewer(s).

An analysis of robb whites deathwatch
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